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Hebei shuowan trade Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the production, sales, research and development and design of machinery and equipment.Our products are: steamed stuffed bun machine, dumpling machine, toaster, face mask machine, melting spray cloth machine and other machinery equipment.

Hebei shuowan trade Co., Ltd is located in the High-tech Development Zone of Hebei Province. It is an important industrial town with a long history of machinery manufacturing.

The company's brand and originality have been well-received by all walks of life. Now the company has started the Internet + sales model.


Shuo Wan machinery takes you to know how to select the baozi machine

Shuo Wan machinery takes

In fact, people who buy steamed stuffed bun machines are more concerned about two points

The first point is the actual effect of baozi machine forming.

Second, the price of baozi machine!

So how can I buy a steamed bun machine wi...

On the advantages of dust mask

On the benefits of dust mask

First, the output power of dust mask.

The high output power of dust suppression is due to the standard isolation output power for fine dust, especially ...

Structure and principle of multifunctional dumpling skin machine

Structure and principle of multifunctional dumpling skin machine

Key production and manufacturing of imitation hand-made dumpling machine, small and medium-sized imitation hand-made dumplin...